Torrence Technology Service Technicians and Technical Support

serviceTorrence Sound has been providing the highest quality technology service, maintenance and technical support for our customers in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana since 1928. Our service technicians are fully licensed, certified and trained by the manufacturers of the components we use in our system designs. Torrence service technicians are available to resolve system problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Dedicated to providing service, our technicians are never subcontracted. We employ a department of full time service technicians that are dispatched everyday from our office in Perrysburg, OH.

Torrence invests in the most advanced industry tools for diagnostics and troubleshooting as well as an expansive inventory of system parts and loaner equipment to keep our customer’s systems running and minimize the impact that system problems will have on their business and productivity. For the best technical support available, call Torrence today!  Our professional sound, video, and security technology service technicians are ready to serve you.

Technology services we provide:

  • Technology service technicians and technical support available 24/7/365
  • On site repair and maintenance by professional service technicians
  • Fire Alarm system inspections and maintenance by professional service technicians
  • UL Listed alarm monitoring service
  • Circuit level repair performed at our shop in Perrysburg by professional service technicians
  • Rental, loaner and demonstration systems available
  • System optimization

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Technology Service On-Site in Your Facility

Torrence technology service technicians are ready to be on-site at your facility fully equipped with specialized tools, test equipment, loaner components, and whatever is required for us to get your sound system or electrical system up and running as quickly as possible. Our experienced service professionals are bonded and insured and Torrence is an Ohio State certified contractor with participation in safety and drug free workplace programs.

Technology Service – Component Level System Repair

Contrary to the recent trends in the technology service industry in Europe and the US, at Torrence we retain the tools, skills, and the ambition to repair and refurbish equipment at the circuit board level rather than disposing and replacing it. At Torrence, we can repair electronic components like intercoms, computer, test equipment, amplifiers, mixing consoles, cameras, projectors, and theatrical lighting controllers to name a few. To do this, our talented and uniquely skilled technology service technicians maintain an inventory of thousands of parts as well as schematics for individual system components dating back to before transistor technology. Call Torrence today and ask us about repairing or refurbishing your valued electronic component such as vintage amplifiers, large format mixing consoles, control systems or test equipment. Our service technicians are qualified to help restore any of your electronic components.

Technology Service – Tuning and Optimizing Sound Systems

Whether your sound system has been in for a while and just doesn’t sound as good as it did when it was new or you have a newly installed sound system that just doesn’t perform well, the experienced professionals at Torrence Sound can evaluate, tune, and optimize your auditorium sound system.

IT support engineerInvesting in quality professional audio components is a significant expense for most facilities and while this investment is essential for building a good performing audio system it is by no means a guarantee of the end result. At Torrence it’s not unusual that our System Consultants are called on to evaluate audio systems that consist of a collection of high quality equipment that have failed to live up to their potential. This is usually the result of poor design, installation, and finalization practices. If instead, careful attention were paid to these details through industry best practices as is done through the Torrence installation process, the same equipment would provide surprisingly improved performance. Design, installation, and finalization of a performance sound system is a highly specialized discipline that the professionals at Torrence have perfected into a process to produce an optimal outcome in virtually all professional audio applications. Below we discuss some of the specialized tasks that are performed by our Service and Engineering Technicians to optimize performance sound systems. They include but are not limited to: loudspeaker alignment, tuning, component refurbishing, grounding and bonding, setting system gain structure.

Loudspeaker alignment is one commonly overlooked and misunderstood aspect of audio system design and setup. Most all-audio systems can realize improved performance through optimization of loudspeaker placement and alignment. The design of professional loudspeaker systems for churches, theaters, and auditoriums commonly involves using multiple loudspeaker boxes that are engineered with standard directivity or dispersion such as 60° X 40° or 90° X 40° or 90° X 60°, and when used as the only sound source in a space these mass produced loudspeakers systems by quality manufacturers such as: JBL, Electro-Voice, EAW, Bose, Community, and Renkus-Heinz to name a few, all operate very predictably as their specifications indicate. However, even some experienced professional sound system designers and installers misunderstand that when these engineered systems are put in close proximity to one another within a room they will no longer simply perform according to the specifications of a single loudspeaker.

The discrepancy between the specified operation of individual loudspeakers and multiple loudspeakers operating in close acoustic proximity to one another is due to interference of sound waves from the multiple sound sources when they produce the same or nearly the same frequencies. Acoustic interference is the addition of two or more waves that result in a new wave pattern. Interference usually refers to the interaction of waves that are correlated with each other. The result of this acoustic interference is that the combined loudspeakers have a completely different dispersion or directivity as well as frequency response from their individual specifications and because of this, loudspeakers that look like they would be projecting sound into the audience listening area at some frequencies are actually putting more sound on the stage making it difficult to get gain before feedback. So, interference from multiple loudspeakers seems like it would just be a problem and indeed experienced system designers know to begin by trying to utilize a single box but often because of size and sound pressure level requirements this is not practical. If a sound system designer or installer understands how interference is produced by multiple loudspeakers the result can be predicted, measured, and used resourcefully to locate sound where it is needed and move it away from where it is not. Through careful evaluation, testing, and the resourceful use of combined system directivity, the sound system experts at Torrence Sound can optimize your system. Call the Torrence Service Department today.